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If you have a had a prolific growing season and your roses are producing blooms faster than you can use, you may want to make some of these simple items. Since cutting the blooms during the season will keep the bushes producing longer, you may have more than enough supplies on hand.

This will give you the chance to continue to enjoy all of your hard work once the bushes have gone dormant.

Rose petal sugar is sweeter than regular sugar and has a lovely scent. You may substitute it in any recipe for regular sugar and get a subtle rose flavor that is especially nice in tea.

The roses you use must be pesticide free, as this recipe is for human consumption.

Remove all petals from one large rose head and place them in the bottom of an attractive jar with a tight fitting lid. A canning jar will do nicely.

Add one cup of granulated sugar, put the lid on, and shake several times. Keep the jar closed for a week or so to give the sugar time to absorb the essence of the rose.

Make several jars, wrap a nice ribbon around each one, and you have lovely, personal Christmas gifts to give.

Rose perfume has been around for centuries, and was the first modern perfume created. Later, roses were steeped in oil to create an unguent that could be rubbed into the skin. This is a much lighter version that was often worn by ladies.

To begin with you will need:

* 6 cups of fragrant rose petals,
* 6 cups of water,
* 1 large aluminum pot,
* a cheese cloth,
* a funnel, and
* a perfume bottle with a tight fitting lid.

Simply place the rose petal and water in the pot and bring to a boil.

Turn the heat to low and cook for 2 hours. Strain the liquid through the cheesecloth several times until all of the pulp has been removed.

Let the perfume cool completely before pouring it into a decorative perfume bottle. The scent will be a true rose fragrance, clean and simple.

Rose water is a staple found in most European and Italian homes. Rose water made from pesticide and chemical free roses adds a sweet taste to breads, pastries, and icings and makes a lovely iced tea.

You will need 5 or 6 cups of clean rose petals, one gallon of mineral water, a one gallon glass container with a tight lid, and a large aluminum pot.

Add the rose petals to the water and boil for fifteen minutes. Turn it off and allow the water to cool. Then remove the petals from the water and pour your finished rose water into the glass container and use as needed.

Beads made from roses have also been around for centuries. Some historians believe that these beads were used to make the original rosaries, giving rise to the name.

To make rose beads you will need to measure 4 tablespoons of salt and 1 3/4 cups of flour into a bowl.

* Add a little water to make the dough smooth.

* Finely chop three cups of fragrant rose petals, and then press them into the dough.

* Roll out the dough to 1/4 inch thickness on a floured counter and cup the dough with a thimble.

* Roll the circles in your palms till it forms a smooth ball. The shapes can be round, oval or even square if you desire.

When you finish rolling each bead, string them onto some florist's wire. The beads should then be hung in a dark place until they are dry.

As the beads are drying, move them occasionally to keep them from sticking together. You can then string them onto some jewelry floss and use them to make a bracelet, necklace, or even a rosary. They will have a nice fragrance, especially when worn close to the heat of your skin.

Finally, you can simply make a jar of nice rose potpourri. Just dry 4 or 5 cups of rose heads and place into a basket or decorative jar. Add scented oil for a stronger smell.

Please do disburse the beauty of roses and the rose petal crafts beauty to others as well. Share it with your friends. Simply send them here, and let them have a look for themselves, and let them learn a new thing or two on the secrets of the beauty of perfect rose gardening!

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